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Leading the way to a sustainable future.

As a family-owned company, caring about our shared environment has been part of our fabric for 175 years. From sourcing to design, manufacturing to distribution, to the store or to the door, we understand the impact we have on the circular economy and are committed to continued leadership in this space.

Every day we provide sustainable packaging and supply chain solutions for over 1,500 of the world’s leading and emerging brands, from global leaders to bold new startups. We’re relentless when it comes to delivering sustainable solutions that embody reuse, recyclability and waste reduction.

We’re 98% recyclable now. 99% by 2024. And 100% committed.

I work with customers whose passion and goals for sustainability are as significant as Menasha’s. Being part of this team helps me make a difference for a healthier planet.

Sandra Ortiz
Account Manager
Lyndhurst, NJ

I work with customers whose passion and goals for sustainability are as significant as Menasha’s. Being part of this team helps me make a difference for a healthier planet.

Sandra Ortiz
Account Manager
Lyndhurst, NJ

30 by 30 goals

Working together to reduce waste, water use, carbon emissions, and above all else, complacency.

Menasha and Orbis are committed to taking tangible steps to reduce our environmental impact and nurture the circular economy. Our “30 by 30” goal is to reduce our water use by 10%, landfill waste by 10%, and total emissions by 10% per production ton no later than 2030. It all adds up; everything we can do now adds up to a cleaner world for the next generation.

Water use

We’ve decreased our use of water by almost 90% in the last 10 years through conservation and reuse.

Goal: To reduce our use of water another 10% on each production ton.

Waste reduction

Recycling and process improvements related to waste management have driven down our company-wide pounds of waste per production ton by 9% over the last 10 years.

Goal: To reduce our landfill waste an additional 10% by 2030.

CO2/ Emissions reduction

We have reduced our total greenhouse gas emissions by 15% over the last 10 years, a time when we also doubled in size.

Goal: To reduce total GHG emissions an additional 10% per ton of production by 2030.

Sustainability branches out.

As part of our ongoing sustainability efforts, Menasha is proud to be working with the Arbor Day Foundation, which has been inspiring people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees since 1972. For the past fifty years, the Foundation has worked with members, supporters, and a network of partners to plant and distribute over 500 million trees worldwide.

Our sustainable packaging and supply chain offerings.

We drive sustainability every day and it starts in our design centers, where innovation is cultivated with an understanding that everything we create has an impact on sustainability.


Putting sustainability on display.

Our designers are experienced in optimizing materials, while ensuring that structural integrity and quality aren’t compromised. Material reduction efforts enable customer sustainability initiatives and optimize cost factors.

Raw Materials

It’s in the paper.

We design all our packaging, merchandising and signage with paper that is SFI sustainably sourced, meaning it only comes from forests that are sustainable in nature.

Cube & Freight Optimization

Minimal to the max.

Good designs win with consumers. But they also win in the supply chain. Our team not only thinks about how to engage consumers, but how packages or displays pack out, how they cube out a pallet, and how cubing of pallets can reduce the number of trucks required. These efforts optimize materials, pallets, and trucks on the road.

Supply Chain Optimization

98% recyclable materials. 100% fresh ideas.

If a package or display ultimately ends up in a fulfillment center, our team is always thinking about how it’s assembled, how it will flow through a pack-out line, and what can be done to optimize the fulfillment process. It’s another example of how front-end design optimization drives a sustainable, optimized process on the back end.


We’re taking plastic off the shelf.

Menasha is committed to the development of sustainable packaging solutions. New products that are part of the RESPONSIPAK portfolio include the Trapped Blister for Club solution, featuring packaging focused on reducing single use plastic by 100%.

Forestry certifications

Menasha is certified and committed to implementing and maintaining Forestry Chain of Custody requirements in partnership with these Forestry Standards

Forest Stewardship Council®FSC® C041242

Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification — PEFC PEFC/29-31-353

Sustainable Forestry Initiative® — SFI® SFI-01045

SFI Marks are registered marks owned by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Inc.


Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Learn more about Menasha’s sustainability efforts by reading our Corporate Social Responsibility Report.