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Menasha helps some of the largest household product companies clean up in the multi-channel marketplace. Years of experience and category savvy help us protect and promote hundreds of brands on their journey from innovative design ideas to stores and doors.

Your audience could be a first-time buyer needing to be wowed by a strong brand experience. Or a loyal user looking for their monthly delivery to arrive. We help our customers deliver against their consumers’ needs, whatever they may be. Our North American design team taps into proprietary data and insights to create packaging solutions that integrate seamlessly with our customers’ manufacturing facilities, automation, and case-packing equipment.

From corrugated and folding carton packaging to helping you “win the season” with regional or national off-the-shelf promotion, we make it happen under one roof. Let us help you mop up on the competition this season. And every season

Case Study Clorox Clinical

Cleaning up with cross merchandising.


Clorox needed an in-store display at Walgreens to generate anticipation and educate shoppers on the new hospital-grade, intense-clean Clorox Clinical™ product launch prior to the start of the cold and flu season.


Menasha designed a display utilizing existing Clorox assets to entice health-conscious shoppers seeking to deep clean and disinfect their spaces.

The heavy-duty hutch display featured Clorox products, as well as Walgreens’ private label, branded paper towels. It was a partnership between CPG and Retailers that brought a total cleaning solution to the consumer.

As the promotional event began before the product launch, the display utilized a removable “coming soon” panel on top of the display’s shelving unit to increase shopper engagement with a teaser message. The display also used a QR code to educate consumers on the products’ benefits.


The display successfully met Walgreens’ objectives for the event which integrated the Clorox Clinical™ products alongside a private label paper towel. Clorox was especially pleased with the program and the speed in which it was designed, produced, and distributed to 3,171 Walgreens stores. Ease of assembly created a highly branded experience right out of the box to help amplify the launch.