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Easing pain points in health care.

Standing out in a crowded healthcare marketplace takes a certain type of know-how built on years of experience. That experience helps Menasha be a guiding light for OTC and pharmaceutical brands and to showcase their products through primary packaging, promotional displays and in-store signage so consumers can easily navigate and self-advocate at the shelf. We’ve steered major brands through successful Rx to OTC switches by winning on Day One and beyond, with the proven processes, retailer expertise, speed and agility that prime early success.

We manage everything from material manufacturing through fulfillment for home diagnostic kits that include pregnancy, ancestry DNA, and COVID-19 tests, just to name a few. Staying in tune with ongoing regulatory changes and integrating them into your packaging, display, and supply chain strategy is crucial. Our coast-to-coast network of FDA-certified facilities allow us to be your single source supplier from initial design to retail shelf or porch. Your prescription for success? Let Menasha make it happen.

Partner with the Rx to OTC switch master.

Rx to OTC switches can be a minefield of potential problems. That’s why it’s smart to go with a partner that has a mastery of the process. Menasha functions as a trusted bridge between brands and retailers to ensure Day One success.

A key component to hit the ground running is the coast-to-coast Menasha Omnihub Network, which offers a single-source supplier to reduce risk and costs. It’s part of an independently owned, flat organization that’s fully integrated for faster response times and execution. Our agility and speed to market helps big switches go smoother. All of this, along with our “can-do” attitude, makes us the Gold Standard for Rx to OTC switches. So flip our switch. And get the full extent of our capabilities and experience.

Five keys to winning Day One execution and beyond:

1. Partner early

  • Pre-launch marketing, including in-store signage and packaging, with 4D design aimed at success on Day One
  • Palletization and cube utilization in structures and shipping maximizes footprint on shelf and displays
  • Innovative designs for the launch as well as P&L friendly for post-launch
  • Continuing education kits for pharmacists

2. Switch expertise

  • Proven process with tier 1 brands
  • Packaging and display innovation executed across a national network
  • Trusted retailer relationships and knowledge
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Digital integration of SAP linking shop floors, assembly facilities and up-front operations in real time

3. Omnichannel supplier

  • The Menasha Omnihub Network ensures Day One optimization, regional consistency, and cost management, in-store and online
  • Unified branding and materials to leverage common elements across retailers
  • Completely integrated, FDA certified facilities

4. Speed and agility

  • Robust planning ensures being on target for Day One
  • Project management that coordinates and executes multiple SKUs, specs and locations
  • Agility to handle FDA curveballs and 11th-hour changes

5. Can-do attitude

  • A culture that empowers people to out-think, out-solve, and outperform the competition
  • People who go the extra mile for customers
  • Family-owned values that permeate the company

Some of our successful switches include:

Case Study GSK

No pain, all gain for Day One execution.


GSK wanted to be first to market and raise awareness and education of their RX to OTC (over-the-counter) launch of Voltaren’s topical arthritis treatment. GSK wanted to flood Walgreens stores with impactful displays that target consumers who are looking for non-prescription ways to treat their arthritis pain.


Four different executions were developed to address key locations across the store: end-stand drop-ins, towers, side panels, and in-line graphics. The displays leveraged the bright orange color of the brand and larger-than-life tubes of Voltaren to draw in consumers.

Consumers learned about arthritis pain relief through education panels on displays, as well as attached brochures. The displays shipped to the store assembled and ready for stocking to ensure compliance, simple installation, and quick execution. Pre-launch communication was executed in store, highlighting “Coming Soon” to create awareness and anticipation. This message was removed when product arrived. Collaboration with GSK, Walgreens and Menasha enabled swift execution of all displays and in-line activation for the launch. Menasha’s switch expertise, speed, and agility, and proven processes allowed for a successful Day One deployment.


The displays helped raise consumer awareness and knowledge of the product with speed-to-market as a driving factor for display acceptance. Voltaren was first to market at Walgreens and sales topped all other retailers’ placements, significantly exceeding original forecasts.