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Design & Testing

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Design, data and testing are intertwined.

Ready to take your packaging to another level? With Menasha, you’ll have access to over 100 structural and graphic designers across 14 North American design centers. Our design team has a breadth and depth of experience creating in-store and online solutions that win with consumers and win throughout your supply chain. The team activates rich insights that flow from Menasha’s Retail Team and our proprietary DataGuide tool, a database of packaging and display success attributes that’s continuously evolving.

Structural design with sustainability in mind.

The shape, contour and substrate of a package or display helps capture attention and build brand awareness. Our structural packaging experts start by evaluating brand objectives and strategies, as well as factoring in retail requirements, in-store and online. We evaluate every aspect of your packaging needs, including the vulnerability of products in-transit, speed of assembly and packing, stacking strength requirements, presentation and promotion variables, sustainability and budget.

Graphic design that differentiates.

Our expert designers know what engages shoppers. We use a mix of design and embellishments and understand how to prioritize each communication element. It could be foil stamping to catch someone’s eye or lifestyle imagery that engages shoppers and drives them toward a purchase.

Enter the 4th dimension.

Brands need to connect their omnichannel experiences across multiple platforms. That requires design, packaging and display solutions that connect the physical and digital brand experience. If your brand is looking to leverage packaging and display executions to connect digitally to product information, recipes, promotional offers, or gamification platforms, we can help.

Packaging Testing & Certifications

Menasha offers International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) testing and certification. ISTA is an organization focused on enhancing the effectiveness of package design and testing, accomplished by developing and delivering protocols, tools and educational programs designed and compliant with ISTA performance and environmental values. Our test lab is certified to conduct a series of ISTA tests, including the 6 Series Amazon tests. Menasha is an official participant of the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS). ISTA testing identifies opportunities for:

  • Product protection
  • Assurance that products are supply chain ready
  • In-house design and testing for increased speed-to-market
  • Customer experience and sustainability optimization
  • Waste reduction at multiple touch points
  • Prep removal that saves handling time and fees
  • Overall cost reduction

There are several common ISTA testing standards that can be used as a preliminary verification method in packaging development. We’re trained and certified in the following:

  • ISTA 1 Series: Non-Simulation Integrity Performance Tests
  • ISTA 2 Series: Partial Simulation Performance Tests
  • ISTA 3 Series: General Simulation Performance Tests
  • ISTA 6 Series: Member Performance Tests
  • ISTA 7 Series: Development Test