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Safety. First and foremost.

At Menasha, we’re committed to sending people home the way they came to work. That’s because safety is an essential part of how we work. Our ultimate goal is zero workplace accidents. To that end, we train, maintain and strive to improve upon a safety record that puts Menasha at the top of all the industries in which we operate.

Menasha’s TRIR versus the industry average

Our TRIR (Total Recordable Incident Rate) has consistently improved vs the industry average.

I joined the safety team to do my part in having everyone go home safe.

Joe Meyer
Mastercut Operator / Safety Committee Member
Hartford, WI

I joined the safety team to do my part in having everyone go home safe.

Joe Meyer
Mastercut Operator / Safety Committee Member
Hartford, WIA

The following are just a few of the initiatives that keep everyone who works at or visits our facilities safer and healthier:

Safety Snags

Menasha employees are encouraged to document safety issues or “snags” they may encounter during the workday. Signs throughout all our facilities communicate this company-wide initiative and urge feedback. Team leaders respond within 48 hours of receiving a snag notification.


This proximity alert system on forklifts provides collision avoidance between people and powered industrial vehicles in many Menasha facilities. It loudly and clearly notifies forklift drivers and walkers when they come within 20 feet of each other.


This innovative software system provides ergonomic job analyses and stores information for job requirements, hazards and suggestions. It helps employees by making sure any possible restrictions or limitations fall within the guidelines of their job requirements.

Covid Measures

During the onset of COVID-19, multiple investments were made to help keep our employees safe and healthy. These measures included three million dollars spent on PPE, thermal cameras to detect body temperatures, extensive contact tracing and self-quarantine guidelines, and enhanced daily cleaning of common areas.

Safety Vision

We provide a safe workplace, free of injury and significant risk for both employees and visitors, through leadership, commitment, and a shared responsibility to continually improve our processes. Our aim is to attain and maintain best-in-class safety performance within our industry.


We will achieve this by:

  • Complying with all applicable regulations.
  • Understanding that no job is so important or no order so urgent that we can’t take the time to perform it safely.
  • Setting goals and objectives that urge continual improvement.
  • Implementing best-in-class programs and actions.
  • Shining a light on safe and unsafe behaviors throughout our work sites.
  • Providing effective instruction and training.
  • Thoroughly investigating all incidents and near misses, identifying causal factors, and taking actions to prevent recurrences.
  • Establishing effective safety committees that involve our workforce in a meaningful manner.
  • Requiring that safety policies and procedures are followed, and at-risk behaviors are avoided, as a condition of employment.
  • Encouraging communication and reporting of all perceived hazards and safety suggestions, either directly with supervisors or through the Menasha Safety Snag initiative.