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Our supplier partnerships are rooted in transparency, ethical practices and a commitment to sustainability.

At Menasha, suppliers are viewed as an extension of our company, which results in benefits for both Menasha as well as supplier partners. We believe in developing strong, long-lasting relationships, along with processes that promote transparency and continuous improvement. This includes:

  • Establishing a regular cadence and working rapport to ensure a cohesive approach to opportunities and challenges
  • Committing to regular business reviews for organizational goals and strategy directions
  • Being unified in our values, how we treat employees and our joint commitments to diversity, inclusion, our communities and our planet

Diversity is a strength.​

Menasha is strongly committed to an equal opportunity sourcing process. We consider all companies, large, small, women, veteran, HUBZone, minority, and SDB when developing bid packages. Developing partnerships with a diverse set of suppliers whose culture and values are consistent with ours can help reduce socio-economic inequalities and create stronger, more stable communities.

Ethics matter.​

Menasha subscribes to the principles and standards of ethical supply management conduct set forth by the Institute of Supply Management (ISM). This means that procurement professionals are instructed to adhere to sound business ethics in all negotiations and to act in the best interests of Menasha. This includes:

  • Sourcing processes that are fair, unbiased and consistently applied
  • Communicating promptly, honestly and with transparency
  • Supporting and contributing to prompt, fair problem resolution
  • Avoiding unreasonable demands
  • Keeping information secure when it’s confidential or proprietary
  • Adhering to applicable laws and regulations
  • Avoiding and preventing matters of influence

Quality is a two-way street.​

At Menasha, we treat our customers like family. Likewise, we expect the same from our suppliers. All transactions should be conducted with professionalism, fairness, and a commitment to the environment. We have many policies and agreements to spell out the details, but it really boils down to doing what’s right.

Suppliers should have a quality management system in place that emphasizes defect prevention rather than focusing on defect detection. All suppliers must be capable of providing materials and services which consistently meet or exceed specifications established or agreed upon by Menasha.

We build partnerships with suppliers who value our principles and embrace our values.

Kathryn Margelowsky
Purchasing Coordinator
Neenah, WI

We build partnerships with suppliers who value our principles and embrace our values.

Kathryn Margelowsky
Purchasing Coordinator
Neenah, WIs

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Code of Conduct

This document spells out the fundamental principles we expect all suppliers to adhere to when joining the Menasha network.

Terms & Conditions

This document spells our general Purchasing Terms and Conditions that can be expected.

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