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Case Study Kraft Heinz Hazelnut Spread

A sustainable display for a healthier spread.


Recognizing a gap in their portfolio, Kraft Heinz launched a new hazelnut spread that was a healthier alternative, targeting a younger, chocolate-eating demographic, as well as their parents. The launch vehicle had to be a sturdy structure that held a large amount of product and communicated no palm oil and low saturated fat, which were points of difference with the competition.


Menasha developed an impactful display that used 83% recyclable corrugated, no plastic, and aligned with Kraft Heinz’s sustainability efforts. The pallet skirt and curved side panels were litho printed and showed an appetizing hazelnut image along with a hero product shot. The center divider and side panels included a “new” banner to pique shoppers’ interest and “no palm oil” and “low in saturated fat” copy in English and French to convey the product’s point of difference. Stacked trays on each side of the vertical divider allowed the product to support itself. It also maximized product count and held a large weight capacity, reducing the need for ship fillers.


The structure delivered on the client’s request for a unique, environmentally responsible, eye-catching display, helping to position the new product as a healthier spread alternative. The display was reordered, a sure signal of positive results from the initial program.