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The perfect printing fit for your brand.

Menasha Makes It Happen with a breadth and depth of North American printing and converting assets across the flexo (direct), offset, and digital printing processes. We also have a variety of specialty coating options depending on the enhancements you wish to integrate into your packaging, merchandising or signage.

Our network gives you the flexibility to leverage a process that’s right for your brands, budgets, and supply chains. It also ensures brand consistency no matter where you’re printing, be it in the United States or Canada.

There are multiple variables to consider when choosing the right printing process: volume requirements, speed, inventory impact, sustainability and print quality. Regardless, our team will help align your programs with a process that helps you win with consumers while optimizing costs.

Flexo Direct

Quality color and imagery time after time.

Because Menasha is a pioneer in corrugated packaging, we understand the intricacies of printing on corrugated surfaces better than anyone in the industry. Our customers appreciate our ability to produce quality color and imagery time after time.

Using water-based inks and varnishes, Menasha’s flexographic printing process accommodates up to six colors and complex line screens, including process printing and full-color graphics. We use it for both high-end graphic packaging and also to produce containers with minimal graphics or communication features.

Flexo Preprint

Consistently consistent.

We help you cut costs by printing large quantities that provide universal color consistency throughout multiple converting facilities. That’s important to consumer product goods (CPG) companies trying to manage their color across their brands.

Instead of using different printing processes across the country for a national brand, we can print roll stock locally and distribute to corrugators to enhance graphic packaging, color consistency, and quality control, along with brand management.

Menasha’s participation in the G7 Master Qualification program helps us achieve a high level of color management. Our facilities are also AIB certified to ensure proper quality standards are met for food contact.


Ultra-impact color and presentation.

The lithographic offset printing process delivers superior quality graphics and can accommodate a variety of specialty coatings, including foil stamping, embossing, and metallic inks. As an alternative to printing directly onto corrugate, the lithographic process offers enhanced color flexibility by printing onto large or small labels that are then mounted onto your package.

The unique qualities of litho labels provide many packaging options:

  • Full-wrap labels for corrugated packages
  • Spot labels for corrugated packages
  • Point-of-Purchase display labels
  • Convolute composite canister labels

For maximum, eye-catching impact, consider mounting spot litho labels on top of total-label coverage or over flexographic printed corrugate.


Our experience makes the difference.

Menasha installed the first flatbed digital inkjet press in the US, so we’ve got the digital printing technology expertise to unleash more opportunities for creative merchandising than ever.

As demand increases for high-quality packaging and point-of-purchase displays, Menasha responds with cost-effective digital solutions. Say goodbye to national “one design fits all” promotions. We’ll help you develop highly targeted and customized packaging & merchandising solutions that engage consumers every time! Other benefits of Menasha’s digital platform include:

  • Brilliant intensity—Get vibrant and detailed graphic reproduction.
  • Remarkable consistency—Achieve a picture-perfect product every time.
  • Fast cycle times—Leave conventional printing in the dust as you capitalize on market trends and respond quickly to competitive threats.