Aug 01, 2016

Top 5 Countdown—Why Use Launch Kits?

The allure of an unopened box is nearly irresistible. It’s the main reason why birthdays and holidays are so exciting. And, when one arrives unexpectedly? At work? It’s an intriguing surprise that demands your attention.
If anyone knows the power of a simple box, it’s Menasha. This is the company that inspired a packaging revolution over 100 years ago and is still known for the industry’s most progressive thinking. From corrugated and plastic to folding cartons and smart displays, Menasha evolves to meet customer needs.
Now, Menasha is kicking off a campaign at the NACDS Total Store Expo in Boston to promote Launch Kits, a unique tool designed to ignite retail presence and engagement.
Yet, make no mistake, a Launch Kit is no ordinary box. In true Menasha style, a Launch Kit is a multi-functional, fully engaging 3D powerhouse that educates, activates, and communicates like no other marketing execution you can imagine. Similar to launching a rocket, a Launch Kit has power, and it can be as adventurous, innovative, and pioneering as you need to be.

5 Reasons to Use Launch Kits

1. Grab Attention
Receiving a launch kit is exciting. With the proper graphics and introductory copy, it simply can’t be ignored, which is rare in a world oversaturated with advertising.
2. Be Flexible
Depending on the audience you’re targeting and your length of message, you can use the best box size and shape to meet your needs. Want to include sell sheets, brochures, and samples? Design the box accordingly for a cohesive presentation when opened.
3. Tell Your Story
A Launch Kit includes plenty of space for copy, photos, and graphics. If you’re sending it to a decision-maker, make sure he/she has everything needed to select you. You’ve put in so much effort to make this Launch Kit great; don’t leave anything to chance.
4. Stick Around
A well-designed box begs to be kept. It’s hard to trash a beautiful and compelling Launch Kit. Plus, it’s likely to be shared with others, who might ultimately be the one to get you in the door.
5. Begin The Sales Process
The goal of any marketing tactic is to drive sales. And, nothing’s more powerful out of the gate than a Launch Kit. Not only does it make a memorable first impression, it instantly begins selling (without trying very hard).
Blast Off to Even Greater Heights
When you work with Menasha, you always get something extra. So, we have a 6th reason to use Launch Kits. Not only do they provide ample space for your product messaging, Launch Kits have the ability to include additional, relevant marketing materials. Yes, these can directly relate to your product. But, they also can simply be entertaining pieces or keepsakes. Not everything you including in your Launch Kit has to overtly sell your product.
Why Menasha?
Menasha provides industry insight and marketing chops you might not expect. Plus, our design expertise raises your game to another level, grabbing the eye of the people you want to influence the most.
• Proven Processes—From driving new product awareness to kicking off memorable campaigns, Menasha knows how to do it. Each Launch Kit is crafted with care from the beginning, where early, critical decisions can make the entire journey smooth.
• Uncommon Executions—Menasha understands the power of being unique. After digging deep into your brand, we’ll create a Launch Kit that properly positions you as a force in your industry. If you’re not going to stand out, why bother?
• Speed-to-Market Expertise—No one develops and executes quicker than Menasha. Because we’re a single source for everything you need, you’ll get the word out faster than you may have thought. Is your sales force ready to handle the leads?
• Go Beyond Ordinary—Traditional marketing executions no longer cut it. Stand out from the crowd with a Launch Kit from Menasha. They’re cost-effective and extremely powerful. Let your customers know you have the “Right Stuff” (Check out this classic ’80s astronaut movie. Sam Shepard as Chuck Yeager? Yes, please.)
Boldly Go with Launch Kits