Menasha Receives Partner To Win Supplier Award From Unilever

November 03, 2015

Menasha announces it has been recognized by Unilever with its Partner to Win supplier award for Joint Value Creation. Out of Unilever’s 580 contracted North American suppliers, Menasha was one of only 11 to receive a supplier award.
“We are incredibly honored to receive this very prestigious and esteemed award from Unilever. Our forward-thinking behavior, strong values and courageous actions enabled growth and innovation for both Unilever and Menasha in the past 12 months,” said Mike Waite, president of Menasha. “The Joint Value Creation award validates Menasha’s ability to provide exceptional integrated merchandising and supply chain solutions across North America to Unilever and all Menasha customers.”
Unilever launched its Partner to Win program in 2011, which focuses on building relationships with selected key suppliers in order to achieve mutual growth. The Joint Value Creation award specifically recognizes suppliers that have displayed an extraordinary effort and insight in identifying and securing opportunities to create value and drive growth, particularly relating to cost competitiveness.
Waite and Menasha Corporation CEO, Jim Kotek, accepted the award on behalf of the company during Unilever’s recent Partner to Win Supplier Summit.