Sep 30, 2015

Shopper Marketing Infographic: "Perspective is Worth 80 IQ Points"

By Ed Anderson

Xerox Parc's Alan Kay famous quip about context is appropriate when considering major new initiatives like making POS Displays in retail stores smart. The following infographic, prepared by Jill Andersen, Director of Marketing of Menasha, provides great perspective about why now is a great time to invest in smart POS displays. 



Key takeaways from the infographic:
·    Mobile traffic is projected to increase tenfold in the next 5 years
·    Smart phones are used as a first screen for the Internet
·    In-Store mobile tracking is supported by most consumers
·    Smartphones are used for many in-store retail activities
·    Shoppers who use mobile more, buy more
·    Smart displays provide missing metrics on the Path to Purchase

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