Menasha Corporation Publishes 7th Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report

July 25, 2017

Menasha Corporation announces it has published its seventh annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report. The report provides data and information on activities and progress related to the Corporation’s economic, environmental, and social performance including updates on GHG emissions, water use, waste, safety, certifications, and acquisition and expansion activities.

Menasha Packaging, a subsidiary of Menasha Corporation, is identified in the report as the largest independent, retail-focused corrugated packaging and merchandising provider.

The Menasha headquarters is also recognized for being LEED Gold® certified for its energy efficiency, sustainable site development, and indoor environmental quality, among others. Menasha also ranked well in worker safety, having total recordable incident rates below the industry average.

The report is accessible at both Menasha Corporation and Menasha Packaging’s websites and is available in print by request.