Committed to building stronger communities

Menasha has been a passionate supporter of worthy community projects and organizations for more than a century. Founder Elisha D. Smith’s philanthropic efforts helped less fortunate families and educational institutions far beyond the company’s hometown of Menasha, WI.

In 1953, Menasha’s ongoing corporate philanthropy led to the establishment of the Menasha Corporation Foundation. The Corporation serves as the primary source of funding. As a socially responsible business engrained with family values, the monetary donations and volunteerism from our employees builds loyalty and a high caliber workforce. Each generation becomes the power behind Menasha Corporation’s responsibility to the communities it serves, whether through the Foundation or high-quality, environmentally responsible products and services.

Our Foundation awards grants in four areas:

Safe and Healthy Citizens

Supports organizations and programs that provide basic needs for safe living, food and health care.

An Educated Society

Encourages programs that create and expand learning experiences and opportunities, adding to the next generation of productive citizens and assisting them in reaching their full potential in our ever-expanding global economy.

Community Betterment

Promotes the quality of life that the arts and cultural activities bring to communities, as well as the worth of community improvement programs.

Environmental Sustainability

Positively impacts future generations by funding programs that encourage the understanding, protection and sustainability of our natural resources.


Giving Back:

This continuum of value, caring and contribution has served society well for more than 167 years.