Hard work is the norm. Victory is the result.

“Winning is not a sometime thing; it's an all time thing. You don't win once in a while, you don't do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time.” Thank you, Vince Lombardi. The work ethic of the Menasha team is to constantly push. We reach new heights. We break new ground. We create innovative package designs. All so you can enjoy victory.

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Brand Objectives
Brand Objectives

We know our CPG partners as intimately as we know our own brand. We dig in, ask the tough questions, unearth discoveries, and truly become a part of their brand extension. Menasha ensures that your in-store marketing connects shoppers with your omni-channel programs.

Retail & Category Insights
Retail & Category Insights

We’ve got inside info. With the established relationships we enjoy with leading retail partners, we have access to key information not known in the general marketplace. Using these insights, and our proprietary activation tools, we bridge the gap that exists between retailers and CPG companies.

Design & Activation
Design & Activation

Menasha is no ordinary design house. We push ourselves to attempt what others fear or deem impossible. Armed with our exclusive retail and category insights, our designers create the right design for the right space at the right time. From graphics that support brand objectives to structure that withstands the rigors of the store floor, our innovative designs deliver better in-store execution both on and off shelf.

<span style="line-height: 20.8px;">Merchandising Supply Chain Assessment</span>
Merchandising Supply Chain Assessment

There’s no other way to describe it, we’re experts in supply chain optimization. Based on our customers’ distribution and logistical needs, we use seven key levers to develop specific plans. Every solution we create is unique, and each reduces total costs while increasing speed-to-market. Our comprehensive industry-leading portfolio includes capabilities that cover In DC, Ex DC, and near site to optimize customers’ supply chains.


Menasha believes in Menasha. That means we continuously invest in our company. Our industry-leading technology and converting capabilities. Our state-of-the-art corrugators. Our full array of printing processes. Our specialty gluing and finishing capabilities. We apply them all across our national network of manufacturing facilities so we can deliver all of your packaging and merchandising needs.

Contract Packaging, Kitting & Fullfillment
Contract Packaging, Kitting & Fullfillment
It’s a beautiful thing when a plan comes together. Menasha unites your materials with our services, including contract packaging, pack-out, co-branding, kitting, fulfillment, and inventory management. And at every step—even as we’re driving out costs and increasing speed—quality is never compromised. Menasha makes a point to understand the ever-changing requirements of seasonal workloads and assist with demand planning. We have one of the most comprehensive networks, providing In DC, Ex DC, and near site services.
Distribution & Logistics
Distribution & Logistics

In-store success. First in the market. Boosting the bottom line. Your goals are our goals. As a complete end-to-end solutions provider, we optimize each customer’s supply chain process. We leverage our purchasing power across the U.S. and Canada to lower costs throughout the supply chain. And, our incredible supplier relationships translate to better quality and competitive prices. Whatever it takes to reach your goals.

Track & Scorecard
Track & Scorecard

Accountability. A word some may avoid. To Menasha, it’s our chance to stand tall. Scorecarding is a key element that ensures we’re in alignment with our customers. We deliver on our agreements and report out on these key performance indicators. Delivering on our promises is a true reflection of Menasha’s culture and values.

Brand Objectives
Retail & Category Insights
Design & Activation
Merchandising Supply Chain Assessment
Contract Packaging, Kitting & Fullfillment
Distribution & Logistics
Track & Scorecard

X Card Blistered Packaging

Another patent-pending innovation

Sell more products with this revolutionary Carded Blister Packaging that is transforming the industry. X Card works just like most current heat seal trapped blister packs, but eliminates the heal and dwell time by using a patent-pending cohesive application system that simply requires pressure to seal—resulting in a highly efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to heat seal.

X Cards provide:

Corrugated Packaging

No one knows corrugated better than us

Being a pioneer in corrugated packaging was a great start. But, a box that simply holds your product isn't enough anymore. Your packaging needs to be an integral part of your product development process. In fact, when it comes to moving inventory off shelves, packaging can be just as influential as product features or price.

Menasha's new packaging designs are developed to accelerate sales. A complete line of printing options—flexo, litho, digital—complement our specialty coating options to meet a huge range of customer needs. We also use world-class die-cutting and gluing equipment to deliver unique designs that are as reliable as they are creative. Together, let's determine the processes that hit your merchandising objectives and budget.

Folding Carton

Traffic-stopping shelf presence

Stop them in their tracks. We think beyond the box to give your products a better shelf presence by creating brand-driving display innovations, while providing solutions for your customers. Serving food, OTC, health and beauty, and household markets, our team of retail experts works with private and national brands to develop effective merchandising solutions.

Primary & Secondary Packaging Solutions
  • Folding Cartons
  • Gift packs
  • Paperboard Packaging Components
  • Club & Value Packs
  • Sales Lift Packaging
  • Windowed Cartons – rigid & soft film
  • Wraps, Sleeves & Inserts
  • Beverage Containers & Carriers
  • Premium Packs
  • Blister Cards – face seal & trapped, X Card
  • Sensormatic Tagging
Embellishment Solutions
  • Metallic Inks
  • Foil Stamping
  • Embossing
  • Windowing – rigid & soft film
  • Specialty Coatings
  • Soft touch
  • Strike-thru varnish
  • Scented
  • Glitter
  • Flocking
Lower Costs
Faster throughputs translate to lower labor and energy costs and a more cost-effective packaging solution.

Sales Lift and Retail Ready

Smart design, dynamic printing

Our specialized sales lift packaging (SLP) and retail ready packaging (RRP) solutions help shoppers identify their favorite brands. The packaging is durable enough to support transit while being easy for retailers to open, restock, and dispose. They come in a variety of styles and assorted materials.

Food Packaging

Have your cake and eat it too

Get it all with Menasha. Our solutions make your packaging look as good as the food inside tastes. Our facilities are AIB certified to ensure proper quality standards are met for food contact.

Circles, Boards, and Trays

Superlative cake circles provide more profitable cake sales through enhanced presentation. We offer golden decorative circles for standard presentations.

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Catering and Cake Boxes

We offer a wide variety of stock solutions for catering, bakery, and deli packaging. Whatever your need, Menasha can customize it for you.

Our specialty packaging is ideal for chicken party packs and turkey/ham boxes. Each piece is constructed with strong corrugated paper, allowing for easy setup and disposal. We can customize any of these products with your own logo and graphics.

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